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Vampirella Vol 5 #6 Cover A

Release: 11/05/14



In 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', the final chapter in the 'Our Lady of Shadows' story arc, Vampirella must battle the King of the Nosferatu- the oldest vampire in existence-if she wants to keep the demonic Lady Umbra from laying claim to her body and soul, thereby triggering the start of the Apocalypse. As she frantically races against the clock, the sudden reappearance of Father Nicodemus and the Vatican's elite hit squad, the Witches Hammer, threatens to ruin everything. Can Vampirella break free of Lady Umbra's control in time to save an innocent little girl from being sacrificed by Ethan Shroud, or will her heart finally fall into eternal shadow?


Writer: Nancy A. Collins  

Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter


Sold out.

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