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In celebration of Image Comics' 25th Anniversary, Image Comics is printing 1,992 blind boxes in commemoration of the company's founding year in 1992. Each IMAGE COMICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX will contain an assortment of 25 polybagged comics comprised of 17 all-new 2017 series and featuring limited edition variant covers only available in this box. Each comic will be bagged in opaque black poly to keep every comic a surprise! Each box may include a randomized mix of the following vari...   (See More)


  • 25th anniversary variant cover
  • B&W 25th anniversary cover
  • Virgin 25th anniversary cover
  • Virgin B&W 25th anniversary cover
  • Blank wraparound sketch cover
  • Extremely rare sketch covers drawn by each series artists - 25 copies per series of the 17 selected launches
  • Exclusive THE WALKING DEAD: HERE'S NEGAN! #1 limited to 500 copies - the first 24 pages of Negan's origin story printed in single-issue format for the first and only time.
  • IMAGE COMICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX Retailers can sell the blind box variants however they choose - individually, as the complete box set, or as a raffle. The blind box will also unfold into a sturdy 7.5 x 10.5 x 4 counter display to showcase selling these gorgeously rendered comics.


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