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CINEMA RETRO #39 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)

Our final issue of the year is, in the words of James Bond's boss M, "This is the big one, Double-O-Seven," as we publish an extensive tribute to the fifth OO7 on-screen adventure You Only Live Twice which celebrates its 50th-anniversary this year. Loaded with dozens of rare never-seen-before behind the scenes photos, including those taken on location in Japan, this is a must-have for Bond and film fans alike. Famed film composer David Arnold writes about how the film inspired his future career, and writer Mark Cerulli discusses the film in detail, as well as interviewing actress Tsai Chin. All of this, plus comments from Ken Adam, Lewis Gilbert, Vic Armstrong, Peter Lamont - and many more - makes for the ultimate tribute to one of Sean Connery's most spectacular OO7 films.

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